The Future of Swimming

Moisturizes hair & skin in the elements
Reduces Damage from Chlorine & Salt Water Exposure
24-48 Hours of Protection
Reduce Drag Resistance & Friction

Don't take our word for it...

As a 70+ year young swimmer, I was amazed that I was able to cut off over 5 minutes from my mile swim and the fact that it offsets some of the harmful effects of the chlorine, makes it a no brainer for those that participate in aquatic activities.
Jerry K.

I have been swimming for many years and the chlorine damage to my skin started to take a toll. I used the after swim moisturizers and shampoo’s that seemed to help some. The Swimmers Secret is by far the best product that I have ever experienced for keeping my skin soft my hair soft and it really seems to protect my skin from the harsh elements that pools can have on your skin.

I use this product daily when I swim as I am in the Master swim program and love the Exercise and competition that swimming rewards me with. Now that I use Simmers Secret. I also love the feeling of soft hair and skin during and after I swim. Enjoy Swimmers Secret , I know that I do.

P.S. I think it helps me glide through the water as well.  Shhhhh!


So how did this miraculous concoction come to be?

Swimmers Secret was a miraculous accident that our team discovered while formulating another product.

As the other product was being created some brilliant lab coats working behind the scenes discovered an alternative use while discussing the product with their wives (who happened to be master swimmers).

After giving the product a try, both discovered their skin and hair felt soft and well-moisturized even though they had spent hours in a chlorine pool.

On their next outing, they discovered the lotion also reduced the resistance they felt as they swam.

Having discovered a product that coats the skin and hair to protect it from chlorine, reduces resistance in water, and softens the skin; Swimmer's Secret was born.

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